Day care centers

By opening the day care centers for children, YANA initially wanted to intervene decisively in clear situations in which children were on the verge family estrangement, adding other categories of children at risk.

It all started with a question from a widowed father with four young children: "What can I do? I'm at work all day, sometimes I have to work after work again, just to get money, until late... my heart stops beating when I think that my kids are home alone, if they ate anything, if they do their homework, if something happened...”

We received similar signals in time from other single parents. Thus we have identified many situations where families, especially single parents, are unable to give their children a place and conditions to do their homework, or satisfactory food, not to mention the difficulty of single parents to ensure their children’s supervision after school.



This way, YANA felt challenged to respond to this pressing need by opening day care centers for children: YANA House in Nicolae Balcescu village, Heidi House in Valea Seaca and Peter House in Galbeni.

In these houses we accompany every day eighty children in their training and development, through social care services: education, meals, social relations and community integration, social and psychological counseling, and emergency support to mitigate the effects of crisis. In our work, we particularly focus on developing various skills for independent living.

In order to enhance the social inclusion of marginalized children, in addition to specialists, we also work with a team of volunteers, youth volunteers from the community as well as volunteers who come regularly from other locations.

To keep functioning the three day care centers for children, partnerships with local authorities and schools in the village are important, and also supporting each of the local communities involved.




Capacity: 30 places

Schedule: Monday - Friday between 9.00 - 17.00
Village Nicolae Bălcescu, Trandafirilor Street no. 380, Bacău
Phone/fax: 0040 234 218999
Coordinator: Lenuța FARCAȘ




Capacity: 30 places

Schedule: Monday - Friday etween 9.00 - 17.00
Valea Seacă Vill (former School no. 2, Albeni), Nicolae Bălcescu Village, Bacău
Phone/fax: 0040 234 256104
Coordinator: Tereza FARCAȘ






Capacity: 20 places

Schedule: Monday - Friday between 9.00 - 17.00
Galbeni Vill (MARTIN BENEDICT School), Nicolae Bălcescu Village, Bacău
Phone/fax: 0040 730 557032
Coordinator: Florentina CIOBANU